At Sermo Telecom, we believe in delivering a high quality support service - one without compromise. We have a robust support network with highly skilled and trained staff who are all based in the UK. They deliver a support service where our customers feel their issues always gain priority attention and focus.

A responsive and fast service
We will support your phone lines, circuits and broadband through our support desk. It is manned by our skilled engineers who you'll get straight through to when you call. Unlike some of our rivals, our support line is answered by highly trained telecoms experts, not a machine who asks you to select option after option to only get through to an administrator. Our engineers have full access to our hosted solutions and circuits and will test your system whilst you're on the phone to them.

In many cases we can resolve faults during the first point of contact. If it is determined that the fault lies between your business and the phone exchange we will escalate and book the Open Reach engineers to fix the fault within the agreed SLA.

BT and Open Reach
People perceive that British Telecom and Open Reach are one and the same company but this is no longer the case. Ofcom separated the two organisations and this deregulation has allowed independent telecoms companies to enter the market and offer similar services as BT. Sermo Telecom is one such independent company and through our WLR3 portal we have the same access to the Open Reach network and their engineers. Once a fault's been logged with Open Reach the service level agreement (SLA) is the same for all companies.

Peace of mind
Our maintenance and support service is available free of charge as standard for all Sermo Telecom customers. So you can be assured that your business is always covered.

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Support help desk: tel 0845 450 7940