Internet connectivity small business

Internet connectivity small business

Ensuring internet connectivity doesn't slow down your business performance
Use of the internet in business is now second nature which means that you're often competing for broadband space - especially at peak times. We believe your business should not be made to suffer from poor internet connectivity or slow broadband speed.

So we have a number of ways to improve the speed and quality of your internet connection, depending on your business needs and environment. Many of them can also dramatically reduce your internet-related bills and, by switching your calls to our Sip Trunks solution, you can make sizeable savings in your phone bills too.

Internet connectivity solutions from Sermo Telecom:
Business Grade Broadband including Annexe M and high grade ADSL broadband services.
We use these type of broadband solutions when FTTC is not available to your premises.

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC): also known as Superfast Broadband or Infinity Speeds up to 80Mbps.
These are now widely available with the coverage ever-increasing. However sadly in areas where there is a high concentration of businesses the cabinets tend not to get upgraded. For us to supply FTTC we can do a simple availability check which takes around 20 seconds.

Ethernet Over Superfast Broadband
This is a big step step up for small business as the service is uncontended. This is only available when FTTC has been enabled in your local Cabinet.

All our connectivity solutions offer the speed, reliability and award-winning technical support you would expect, and can be upgraded to meet your growing demands.

Contact us on 0845 450 7950 to learn how much we could improve your connectivity and save your organisation on costs.