Billing platform

Billing platform

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As an alternative to our full analytic call management solution built into our hosted telephone solution we have a free billing platform.

Do you wish you could get up-to-date call information for the previous day? Would it help your organisation's decision-making if it could see call history/expenditure from the previous 12 months?

Do you wish you could analyse call usage in user-friendly charts and graphs? With Sermo Telecom we use our i-Bill platform which is standard and free of charge for our customers.

Helping you control costs
With Sermo Telecom's i-Bill you can achieve all of these. i-Bill delivers fast access to detailed call-related management information.

i-Bill is a state of the art bespoke billing system that brings all your call charges into one simple bill format. This can be delivered to you via email (as a PDF or CSV file to interact directly with your accounting software) or via secure online access.

Reducing your administration and hassle
i-Bill saves you time and administration. By bringing your organisation's phone-related charges together in one document, it avoids you having to wade through multiple invoices to calculate and apportion your telecomms expenditure. i-Bill also provides the itemised detail you need to manage and control your costs. It can separate out data such as number types and groups, the most expensive dialled numbers, longest duration and call activity day by month and hour by day etc. and you don't have to wait months to receive the data. Your organisation's call usage can be analysed whenever you need it.

Enabling more effective decision-making i-Bill's advance online search function can help you generate report queries at individual call data level. Call charges can be filtered by date range, time of day, prefix and phone number. You'll be able to measure call trends and your campaign's effectiveness. The information can also be presented graphically as pie charts or graphs to make it easier to grasp.

Protecting against fraud
Phone-related fraud is sadly on the increase. Our i-Bill service can set thresholds for uncharacteristic usage. It will then send text alerts to you via of possible misappropriation. This could be as simple as a cleaner making an international call or a hacker using your organisation's telephone system to route large amounts of premium rate calls. Either way, you remain in control and prevent any unaccounted for call charges.

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