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Reducing your telecoms bill - We help organisations of all sizes reduce their telecommunications bills.  The savings are impressive (sometimes as much as 50%) and the phone, internet and mobile quality isn’t hampered.

Improving productivity – Sermo Telecom also increases organisations’ productivity in employee and customer communications. Our products such as Microsoft Lync, Hosted Telephony and Internet connectivity solutions enable people to communicate more easily. Delays in decision-making are reduced and it’s easy to keep people ‘in the loop’.

Removing the distance barrier – On top of this, geographical distance is no longer a barrier and travel costs reduce significantly.  We can help your employees connect and communicate from anywhere (their home, office, a hotel, etc) but still appear to the outside world that they’re in the office.

So if you are looking to make sizeable savings and improve the efficiency of your phones, internet, mobiles, video and audio conferencing, give us a call on 0845 450 7950.

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