But it's tough investing in an IT. For one thing, the IT world never stays still and the latest technology soon becomes yesterday's reject. That's why we offer organisations a different way and more cost effective way to access the latest technology.

We deliver software products over the web on a licensed basis. This means you can have and keep having access to the latest technology. You don't have to invest in expensive servers and hardware - we've done that for you. We can offer the following products on a licensed basis:

Breaking down the distance
Our range of hosted telephony services with its audio, video and web conferencing options means that geographical location doesn't have to obstruct your organisation's communications.
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Faster internet connectivity
Our range of broadband services, Ethernet services and products means we can improve the performance and speed of your internet access. We'll ensure its connectivity supports your productivity, not hampers it.
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Internet Connectivity Corporate >

Practical billing information
Our e-billing platform is available to all our customers as standard and enables you to access up-to-date call information from the previous day or any time in the last 12 months.