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Sermo Telecom Services

Services Overview

Breaking down the distance

Our range of hosted telephony services with its audio, video and web conferencing options means that geographical location doesn’t have to obstruct your organisation’s communications.

Smarter communication

Our Microsoft Lync products connect your telephone to your PC and introduce click to dial. You can dial your contacts directly from say Outlook, an e-mail or a contact database.  If you wish you can even opt to view the person you’re talking to via a video window on your PC. You’ll find a traffic light system telling you their availability - red for busy and green for available. This means you don't have to waste time or money calling, only to miss someone and then leave a voice message.

Bringing you greater call savings

Our phone lines and circuits are supplied through the Open Reach network in exactly the same way as BT, but at a much reduced cost. We simply transfer your lines electronically from BT to Sermo Telecom with all your telephone numbers intact.  That means your direct dials stay the same without any interruption of service. We can supply new lines when required and can also help you improve the savings you get with your mobile providers.

Faster internet connectivity

Our range of broadband services, Ethernet services and products means we can improve the performance and speed of your internet access. We’ll ensure its connectivity supports your productivity, not hampers it.

Practical billing information

Our e-billing platform is available to all our customers as standard and enables you to access up-to-date call information from the previous day or any time in the last 12 months. The software also

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