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MPLS Networks

MPLS Networks

An MPLS network is ideal for organisations operating across multiple sites and remote workers, wherever they are across the UK or globally. It’s a great solution for those businesses who need a secure way to connect their various sites for high-volume data transfer.

Sermo Telecoms approach to MPLS Networks is fundamentally different to most other ISPs and offers you many technical advantages, above all stability and reliability.

Other ISPs, whilst building the MPLS core on their own network, invariably provide connectivity via multiple vendors, such as BT and Cable & Wireless. This enables them to source the lowest cost connections at each location, but hops and points of failure can often occur as one network links to another.

Cost-efficiency here doesn’t always bring service quality and many customers who migrate to us do so because they’re fed up of outages, delays and single points of failure on their MPLS which are difficult to pinpoint and rectify.

A different approach

At Sermo Telecom we offer a reliable solution. Our MPLS Core and all our clients’ sites (including the hosted Data Centres) are contained within a single Tier 1 network provider - the TalkTalk Business NGN Next Generation Network. This network can boast no service-affecting outages in the core for the last six years and offers the most advanced and reliable technology.

Reliability and prompt response

Your co-location hosted equipment is located directly within the core of the MPLS network to ensure there are no hops between networks. TalkTalk Business is currently the only provider to offer true quality of service for ISDN and SIP voice solutions. If a fault occurs there is no division of responsibility between network providers as everything is located on one single network. Fault resolution is acted upon straightaway and TalkTalk’s SLA criteria are stringently adhered to.

Whilst we can substantiate the core’s resilience there is always the possibility of issues at individual sites (a worst case scenario being a workman digging through cables out in the street). Our service is fully managed by TalkTalk in conjunction with our Support Centre at Eastleigh (open 24 hour 7 days a week). This Centre monitors the network and deals with all first line queries. In most cases when an issue occurs they are already working on it or have resolved it… often well before you were aware of any problem.

Key benefits

Our MPLS through TalkTalk Business’ Next Generation Network:

  • Connects your individual sites securely
  • Gives you the choice of a variety of access technologies - Ethernet over Fibre or Copper (EFM), ADSL, FTTC and in the near future Ethernet Over Super-Fast Broadband (EOSFBB
  • Enables consolidation of your voice, video and data
  • Gives you access to the fault management team 24/7 and offers a rigorous Service Level Agreement (4 hour fix)
  • Supports your growth plans – even if you expand overseas

Due to our close relationship with TalkTalk, we can offer extremely competitive MPLS prices and ensure you don’t pay a premium for the benefit of using one network.

The robust TalkTalk Business network architecture

A key focus of the network is to support business sites throughout the UK. In the South East have an 800Gb Supercore Fibre network to handle all the demand. We also have two 400Gb Fibre rings around other major populated areas of the Midlands and the North of the country and a number of 10Gb circuits around less populated regions. All of these have a high capacity backhaul to the core network.

For every core circuit there is a secondary one using fibre path separation. None of these circuits are allowed to reach 50% capacity so, in the rare event of a core failure, the remaining circuit can then handle the complete data load for the exchange.

For site connectivity we support the following different access methods which include ADSL Max, ADSL2+, Annex M, SuperFast Broadband (FTTC), EFM, Leased lines and Ethernet up to 10Gb. We also offer QoS and CoS across the portfolio.

If you would like to know what Ethernet services are available at each of your locations, use the portals in our Ethernet and EFM pages.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about our MPLS services please contact us on 0845 450 7950.

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