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At Sermo Telecom we supply all our lines and circuits through the Open Reach network in exactly the same way as BT, but at a much reduced cost. We simply transfer your lines electronically from BT over to Sermo Telecom.  All your telephone numbers (including direct dials) stay the same and there’s no interruption of service. We can also supply new lines when required.

Types of lines available from us:

  • Single analogue line – this allows one incoming or outgoing call at any one time
  • Multiline - a collection of analogue lines on the same number, to avoid customers getting the ‘engaged’ tone when you’re on the phone
  • ISDN2 - 2 digital lines for voice and data, generally used for small businesses.
  • ISDN30  - 8-30 digital lines mainly used to connect to phone systems in larger companies,

Whatever connection you have, you can benefit from competitive call rates and line rental charges, combined with a full UK-based support service.

Installation time frames

For the installation of new lines Analogue and ISDN2 please allow lead times 7 to 10 working days. For transfer of existing lines from BT to Sermo Telecom for like-for-like services, please allow 14 days.  This is an Ofcom regulatory time period. However the process is seamless and your incoming and outgoing calls will not be affected.

Contact us to find out how much we could save you on your phone calls and line rentals.

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