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Lines and Calls

Lines and Calls

We help organisations of all sizes reduce their telecommunications bills.  The savings are impressive (sometimes 50%) and the phone, internet and mobile quality isn’t hampered by switching to us. Whether you’re looking for line rental or just trying to reduce your call expenditure, we have a solution that’ll fit with your particular needs and requirements.  At Sermo Telecom, we can give you a range of cost-effective options that will suit your size of business and call usage and keep your expenditure to a minimum.

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A hassle-free transfer

Despite being in one of the most regulated industries at Sermo Telecom we passionately believe that doing business with us should be both simple and enjoyable, not a major chore. There’s no need to change your current telephone number when you switch to us.  You can retain your existing phone services such as 1471 and 1571 too.  And if you need a new number, well we can sort that out for you too.

Simple and clear billing

We’ll give you a single bill for both your calls and lines.  This is available by e-mail and also securely on-line.  Our dedicated UK customer service and account management team will also conduct regular service reviews so any changing requirements of your business can be fully met.

Contact us to find out how much we could save you on your phone calls and line rentals.

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