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Sip Trunks

Sip Trunks

A more seamless business operation

SIP Trunks allow you to make free calls across the Internet. By using the internet for calls, offices and home workers can create a more seamless and definitely cost-effective business operation.  Teams linking people across international, national and regional boundaries can be brought together in one communications infrastructure and set of applications.

SIP trunks unlock the potential of your phone system and unite all your communication devices so you can make and take calls, text, video and email, via the most cost-effective route.

The appearance of being local

And for those businesses who need to be seen to be local.  SIP trunks allow you to use numbers outside your normal geographic area code. Even better, if you move outside the area, you can keep your number, or if you want to enter a local market you can take a local number.

Cost reduction

SIP trunks do indeed cut costs.  They’re compatible with most mobile handsets and can dramatically reduce call charges when transferring mobile calls onto the fixed line network. By combining voice and data over a single line, you can get rid of multiple lines and their associated charges.

Sermo Telecom’s SIP Trunks Service

We use the largest IP-based Next Generation Network in the UK, which is servicing over 1 million customers, so it’s tried and tested. Our SIP trunks are fully compatible with, rigorously tested and approved by the leading SIP-enabled telephone system manufacturers.

Our SIP trunks support VoIP between IP PBXs and the telephone network.  They are extremely reliable and we prioritise your calls over all other data in shared IP broadband connections.  This ensures you receive high levels of voice quality.

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