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Ethernet Over Fibre

Ethernet Over Fibre

For those organisations needing really fast internet connectivity we offer an Ethernet over fibre solution.

Ethernet is ideal for businesses who need to move huge amounts of data seamlessly and speedily. It is also the perfect choice for those who want to access high quality voice, data, video and cloud-based services.

Ethernet over fibre delivers connections from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. It is cost-effective with a single converged connection for voice and data that’s compatible with your router and other such equipment.

Sermo Telecom can also supply a fully managed router and/or firewall solution creating a one stop shop for your internet connection.

Enabling your system to evolve

Our Ethernet over fibre solution enables a long term evolution of your system. It can be delivered in scalable 10Mbps increments from 10Mbps up to 100Mbps, and from 100Mbps increments up to 1Gbps. These allow you to build in flexible capacity for any future expansion.

Speed and security

You will gain a dedicated, reliable connection with unlimited use – one that is backed up by a core network that has a 99.997% service level agreement (SLA) and our 600-strong UK based team providing specialist support. Access to this team is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

The secure nature of this solution means it is ideal for businesses of all sizes and models – whether stand-alone or part of a MPLS in organisations operating over multiple locations or territories. You will gain:

  • Business grade connectivity at a very competitive price
  • Reliable and highly consistent bandwidth to support technologies like VoIP and cloud-based services
  • Streaming and broadcasting capabilities
  • The seamless movement of huge amounts of data quickly
  • Future-proofing and scalability to adapt to your changing needs

If you would like to learn more about our Ethernet over Fibre costs, or if you have Fibre Circuits and would like to compare costs against your exiting contract, enter your postcode into the Price Checker to see how much you can save with Sermo Telecom. It also gives you the option to click and buy.

Alternatively contact us on 0845 450 7950 to learn how we could improve your organisation’s internet connectivity and speed.

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    Prices are accurate as of the and values shown are in £ sterling. Rental rates are per annum. Prices and distances (EFM speeds) shown are subject to a site survey and exclude any Excess Construction Charges (ECC) – which are rare with copper installations. After the site survey if you incur ECC you will be given the option to cancel the order at no charge.