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Sermo Telecom provides a range of high speed business broadband solutions.  They can cover office locations through to the remote workers who require access to their organisation’s IT network and applications.

Our broadband ADSL internet connection options are available at speeds of up to 24Mbps. What’s more, we help to ensure that other users won’t affect the performance of your connection.  We provide a traffic prioritisation service that makes your applications such as voice or video get priority and avoid jitter and distortion.

Sermo Telecom’s broadband options are not only fast but cost-effective too and we’ve helped many businesses make substantial savings in their internet connectivity. We can even provide a high end broadband solution which even offers QOS (Quality of Service) standards.

Contact us on 0845 450 7950 to learn how much we could save your organisation.

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We can also provide a higher grade ADSL broadband service with up to 24Mb downloads and 2.5Mb on the upload. This can be part of an IP VOIP (MPLS) for those organisations operating over multi-sites, locations and territories.

These circuits are used when customers require large amounts of IP VOIP channels.

They can also be used as back up circuits for MPLS networks.

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