Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony

Hosted call service using Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Our Hosted VoIP Telephony service channels your calls through the Internet to bring you major cost savings. It is a robust VoIP service that avoids the need to invest in an expensive IP PBX. We host the entire service through our high speed network and advanced data centres. We'll also guarantee service levels and uptime through our stringent service level agreements. With our Hosted VoIP service you will gain lower external costs, free internal call costs between employees from wherever they may be located, simply up or down scale when required, more flexibility (users' numbers can follow them wherever they go) and much simpler management. There's also improved continuity and disaster recovery.

We have a highly advanced platform which could bring significant features to your business with the added benefit of reducing your telecoms cost.

The solution is enhanced PortaOne PBX which will allow you to communicate on many levels; Voice, Texts SMS and instant messaging through to its interconnection with Skype for Business (additional Licence), and even video, thus creating far greater business to business integration. It also has voice recording as standard with your package with the ability to record mobile phone calls and texts within the same platform. (Using our SIM). We are also one of a select handful of hosted VoIP suppliers to offer PCI and full MIFID2 compliant recording.

Hosted PBX
Our Hosted "PortaOne" Switch is the most technically advanced solution in the marketplace and would be able to support your business for the future in ways you may not have perceived possible. We combine both VoIP and Billing within one solution, this creates a system which can offer far more with regards to call reporting and can give you an in-depth analytic view for incoming and outgoing communications. With this understanding you can focus your business even when creating one virtual office from many locations.

The Portal One solution offers call recording as standard, which are stored for 60 days and PCI compliant recording which allow you to take payment over the phone and this is stored for life. (Both options can be turned off per user by the administrator). We are now one of the only Hosted VoIP suppliers that are fully MiFID 2 compliant for the Financial Industry.

Porta One is an agnostic hosted PBX, that allows you to connect any VoIP compatible device. However we have developed our own advanced dedicated handsets which are provided at a subsidised charge under a three-year contract. The advantage of taking our handsets is that we have far greater control over the functionality and security aspects between the handset and the platform. But as the system is agnostic we can connect soft phones on mobile phones and tablets, plus any manufacturer of VoIP compatible handsets or conference equipment.

Each licence can support up to 3 devices simultaneously, for example a desk phone and softphone apps on a laptop or a smart phone, therefore when your extension is called all three devices can ring and be answered on any device anywhere in the world. Our softphone APP is supplied free of charge, we send you an email with a QR code and you point your phone at the screen and it configures within a few seconds.

Direct dialling number ranges, non-geographic numbers (0333), Huntgroups, IVR (press option one for sales) and even your own conference bridge are supplied free of charge.

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